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The goal of SpeakBO and SpeakBO PLUS is to bring together experienced and innovative BusinessObjects users and specialists to share knowledge and advice on how to get the most value and benefit from your BusinessObjects deployment is the NEW home for the Speak BO Community.

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Currently there are three tiers in this network.  No matter which tier your join, you will immediately have access to a wealth of BusinessObjects knowledge. We host BusinessObjects focused webinars, user groups, conferences and more!

Our free tier will get you access to all of our upcoming BusinessObjects webinars and other events.

Our EXTRA tier gets you access to everything above, as well as access to our full webinar library, the SpeakBO Community chat where you can network and learn from other BO users.

The PLUS tier gets you everything above in addition to oppening up access to all of our premium tech tips, consultant tools, scripts, and best practice guides. You will also receive 20% off all dedicated training courses, access to a live, quarterly Ask the Experts session, as well as a substantial discount to the SpeakBO Experience virtual event.

To get started, sign up for the SpeakBO Free plan to access all the current specials running inside the network on the premium plans.